For this new high perfumery collection, Parfums Plus has chosen to put the essentials back at the heart of the process.

Our perfumers have put all their know-how and all their creativity in their formulas and have used the most noble, rare and exceptional ingredients.

They have enjoyed a total freedom of creation to design the most exquisite fragrances.

An assertive olfactive signature

They assert their olfactive signature by creating unique exceptional fragrances that translate intense emotions. With this new high perfumery collection, enjoy an authentic, strong and exclusive fragrance experience.

“Amethyst Dream” is a hypnotic and magnetic fragrance to uplift your mind and find inner peace.

“Ruby Kiss” is a bold and sensual accord evoking the memory of a delicious chill caused by the caress of a feather boa on the skin.

Rare, confidential and opulent “Gold Sparkle” is an elixir of inestimable value as exquisite as a gold bar.

Addictive and narcotic, “Night Glitters” is the perfect scent for partying until the end of the night.

Mysterious and precious, the secret of this exclusive “Amber Treasure” fragrance lies in the contrast between raw leather and cheerful amber.